Organizations that have survived over the years have mastered the art of change and transformation.

Strategic Visioning is about creating a bold vision of the future and then transforming the organization into that ideal.

The process of creating a “Strategic Vision” is just as important as the outcome. Done correctly, it can be the driving force in setting direction, aligning actions, and guiding decisions. It can unlock hidden potential and improve growth and performance.

Some executives may believe that creating a Vision is impractical. They may have been part of a “Visioning Exercise” that did not create a tangible outcome, or the experience was not connected to the core objectives, which are to enhance growth, increase performance and unlock value.

Altus Group’s approach to Strategic Visioning is intensely practical. It does reflect values and aspirations, but it is built on facts.  The process is part emotional (the product of imagination, hunches, and values) and part rational (the product of organizational, environmental and competitive analysis).  Creating a Vision of what “could be” does not rely solely on what needs to change; it also uses the effective elements of the current corporate culture and strategy to build a strong foundation.