We’ve created long-lasting partnerships with some leading firms; you can trust our recommendation.

Over the past 20 years, we’ve worked with many people around world; those listed below consistently demonstrate the highest standards by providing exceptional service with impeccable values.

Quest Group Australia

For over 20 years, we’ve been helping organizations enhance the effectiveness and thereby, optimizing their results.  We have refined and perfected our approach to delivering value. We achieve this through a genuine passion and relentless focus on target outcomes and a commitment to delivering a sound Return On Investment.

Contact: Ron Jungalwalla—Managing Director

Email: ron@questgroup.com

Synergy Learning Systems

We are a team of dedicated and skilled individuals who believe that organizations can become vibrant, productive, effective, fun, socially responsible…and wildly successful. We create experiences to facilitate your group’s dynamic movement toward these goals, using innovative experiential team and leadership development programs and services.

Contact: Mark Lord—Co-Founder

Email: mark@synergylearningsystems.com

Headstart Events Limited

Our philosophy is to continuously deliver exceptionally high quality events for the corporate sector regardless of size, location or theme. We aim for unlimited imagination at the ideas stage, a meticulous eye for detail at the delivery stage and a standard of customer service throughout that is second to none.

Contact: Karl Newell—Managing Director

Email: karl@headstart.uk.com

Banjar Group

We grow successful sales teams. We thrive on the excitement and satisfaction of transforming sales in your organization.  Our philosophy is simple. Everyone has the potential to achieve anything they dream or passionately desire. Through facilitation, coaching and support, we set out to help people and organizations meet their goals.

Contact: Mike Boyle—Founder

Email: mike@banjargroup.com.au

Adventure Associates

Founded in 1991, with a common vision of providing high quality programs focused on increasing team effectiveness, Adventure Associates has been providing teambuilding programs that develop effective leadership and encourage breakthroughs in personal and professional relationships.

Contact: Rebecca Tilley—Director

Email: rebecca@adventureassoc.com

Team Management Systems Americas

For almost 20 years, TMS Americas has maintained a consistent and clear focus on leading edge organizational development consulting.  Our network members and clients use the TMS materials in a rigorous and thoughtful way to enable sustainable change and development.

Contact: Tom Gibbons—Managing Director

Email: tom@TMS-Americas.com