LEADING AT THE EDGE: Leadership Lessons from the Extraordinary Saga of Shackleton’s Antarctic Expeditionby Dennis Perkins, Margaret Holtman, Paul Kessler & Catherine McCarthy

Part adventure story, part leadership guide, this intriguing book examines Shackleton’s legendary Antarctic expedition through the lens of business – to reveal a set of powerful strategies for corporate leaders.


Using the Power of Resonant Metaphor to Increase Leadership Effectivenessby Dennis Perkins, Paul Kessler & Jillian Murphy

While many leaders and their coaches are aware that metaphors can be powerful, the precise reasons for their effectiveness may be less obvious. This article offers a framework for understanding the nature of metaphors; the reasons why metaphors have such a significant impact on human behavior; and the special characteristics of metaphors we characterize as “resonant.”


Race to the South Poleby Dennis Perkins, Paul Kessler & Catherine McCarthy

The contest to become the first human to reach the South Pole is an exciting and controversial chapter in the history of leadership. Set in the most hostile environment on Earth, this article shows how leadership style, personality, strategy, and openness to innovation interact to determine success or failure.


Decision-Making at the Edgeby Dennis Perkins & Paul Kessler

In April, 1916, with his crew of 27 men, Shackleton reached a remote island, after overcoming extraordinary obstacles. He had a decision to make, one that would ultimately determine whether they lived or died. Using this decision as the backdrop, this article offers insights for leaders faced with making difficult decisions under challenging conditions.